Lamar Wood Deck Car Hauler Trailers offer a wide variety of features designed to make transporting your vehicles easy. With Durable 5″ Channel frames, these trailers can handle most loads with ease. With features like low-angle loading and the ability to customize your car hauler, the choice is clear. Lamar Car Haulers are manufactured with some of the finest trailer components available, like Demco couplers, Ram jacks, Sealed Artic wiring harnesses, and lifetime warranty LED bullet lights. From the ground up, Lamar car haulers are built to last. Lamar Car Hauler Trailers are designed to work with you, and provide years of trouble-free service behind your truck. High Desert offers two excellent grades of car trailers.

Entry Level

This is the best value for your dollar on the market! High Desert keeps this trailer in-stock with several upgraded features as standard options. It features an all LED Lighting/Sealed Artic wiring harness, Pipe Slip coupler, Pipe Mount swing up jack, Bolt On removable fenders Straight Fenders, Steel Diamond Deck dove tails, Dexter axles with one brake standard, and 12 stake pockets for multiple tie down points.

Classic Level

High Desert takes the Entry Level and builds on it, adding several extra options as standard. A 5″ channel frame is available with a 7,000 lb or 10,000 lb GVWR. For more heavy duty needs, a 6″ channel frame with a 14,000 GVWR will handle heavier loads. The cross pieces are upgraded from Angle to Channel. Also a 2″ rub-rail is added to the stake pockets. A Demco adjustable coupler is upgraded from the pipe slip coupler. Also another free upgrade that this trailer comes with is an 8,000 lb drop foot jack over the 2,500 lb standard jack. This trailer comes standard with upgraded Tear Drop Fenders. Also this trailer is available in a 20ft length/102 inch Wide with Drive Over Fenders. This trailer is for the user that wants to take it to the next level.