Equipment Trailers For Sale

High Desert Trailers carries a variety of high quality equipment trailers for sale to haul skid steers, mini excavators, back hoes, or other construction equipment. We offer equipment trailers in the low deck style where the floor is between the fenders as well as pintle deckovers in 7 and 10 ton models.

Fender Equipment Trailers

Our fender equipment trailers are built with durable all channel iron frames. One of the main differences between our equipment trailers and our car trailers is the upgraded frame size. High Desert’s car trailers have 5″ channel frames. Our equipment trailers are built with 6″ channel frames to withstand the abuse of hauling construction equipment. Two distinctly different types of trailers are offered. Fixed deck with dovetail and swing up loading ramps or tilt bed which allows you to load equipment without ramps.

We offer two “Regular” fixed deck equipment trailers – a 10,000 and 12,000 lb. GVWR. We offer a “Premium” fixed deck equipment trailer in a 15,000 lb. GVWR – 20′ model. We also have a “Premium” 15,000 lb. GVWR tilt deck equipment trailer with an 8′ fixed front section and a 14′ tilting rear section that allows you to load equipment without ramps.

Deckover Equipment Trailers

Our deckover equipment trailers for sale are available in two running gear packages: two 7,000 lb. axles with single 16″ tires or two 10,000 lb. oil bath dual wheel axles. I-beam main frames with a continuous cold formed tongue are one of our key quality features. The tongue is formed in a hydraulic press rather than notched, heated, and bent in. Our method gives much more frame integrity for a long frame life. We offer two different ramp set ups – traditional swing-up ramps with a support foot or wedge shaped lay-flat ramps. For loading equipment, our spring assisted swing up ramp setup is the superior way to go. The dual wheel model features pierced frame construction. The crossmembers go through the main frame beams for a lower deck height as well as a more rigid frame. The dovetail on this model is also cleated for maximum loading traction. Other extras include a toolbox with a lockable lid and a Sealco molded wiring harness with LED lights for trouble free operation.


Tires on all our equipment trailers for sale are supplied by Tredit Tire or Lionshead Tire and Wheel.